Tuesday, 22 April 2014


The Dasharath Deb Stadium at Badharghat, Agartala where we perform morning walk everyday is run by Sports Authority of India (SAI). Some students of adjacent residential Sports School also perform jogging followed by sports activities in the stadium. Most of these students are just in their boyhood recruited from various interior places including tribal boys. One of the students, a tribal boy is a promising footballer, but he is a bit lazy. Their coach always makes complaint that he is lazy to the power infinity. But, for us he is a nice sweet-boy. At times, one of my partners who is popular for his witty, prefers to test his arithmetic talents. Sometimes, the conversation goes like this:
-         Two twos are?
-         Four.
-         Four twos are?
-         Eight.
-         Three threes are?
-         Nine.
-         Five plus seven is?
This, generally he can’t answer instantly. He will sit down on the steps to count on his fingers and finally deliver correctly by the time we had completed a round.
          One day, the boy was hesitating to join in the compulsory jogging. Treating him a malingerer his coach approached my friend to interfere.
-         What is your problem?
-         I have some abdominal pain. They fed me with Bhater Sabji last night despite my objection.
Here the coach tried to refute. Bhater Sabji or Rice Food is actually Muri Ghanta, a Bengali recipe prepared with fish-head, rice and other ingredients. My friend continued his persuasion.
-         You have to answer me two questions correctly by the time your friends complete the running for exemption, otherwise you have to perform jogging alone for half an hour. Do you agree?
-         OK.
-         You have two mangoes in hand. If you eat one how many will remain.
-         One.
-         Now, consider if you have twenty mangoes out of which you have eaten two. How many will remain?
This time, he fumbled. So, he was given another option.
-         Look, there is a dog. It sometimes runs with the boys and sometimes strolls. But, all the time it remains in front of the boys. What is the secret behind this?
It was really a tough question for him. He kept on thinking. By that time his friends had completed their exercise and we were also coming out of the stadium.
          This time, he seemed to be elated and said to my friend, ‘The dog has four legs while we have two. So, dog is always in the front.’
          The answer pleased my friend, as he said, ‘But, you have taken so much time. Your friends have already completed their rounds.’
-         Certainly I will keep my promise! Kemon Jabber Uttar Bair Korchi Na…Ektu Samay Laglo….Sakale Daurailei Bhalo Chilo… What a splendid answer I have picke up! But, it has taken some time. I should have performed the jogging in the morning itself.

Saying this, he commenced his jogging. The dog joined him, by running across the field.


Presently, I have some regular morning walk partners, all aged than me. They are store-house of information and at times, the revelations made by them are really enchanting. This morning, one of them told about a murder case of yesteryears which has an attractive title, ‘The State versus Ulta Bairagi.’ He then made brief narration of the case and how the accused persons were acquitted by the Higher Court. According to him it was a Magna Carta judgment which he covered as a journalist before joining the teaching profession. The incident occurred in the jurisdiction of Salema Block under Dhalai District of Tripura which had witnessed many brutal killings including murder of our beloved leader Bimal Sinha. I was not aware of this case though I had spent at least seven years of my life in this area which includes four years as teacher and three years as district SP. I started my career as a teacher before taking up the job of police. My friend could not explain the case in detail and especially about Ulta Bairagi.

In the evening I rang an eminent lawyer of our State who hails from the area and could able to collect the details. The incident had occurred prior to my joining government job. Though the literary meaning of ‘Ulta Bairagi’ is ‘Reverse Monk’, the term was actually used to mean a preposterous monk. The person belonged to Tea Garden tribe. He married twice and continued a lascivious life even after becoming a preacher. He was allegedly murdered by his own sons for torturing upon their step-mother. The accused person confessed their guilt and suffered life imprisonment. According to my friend, the conviction was set aside by the High Court on the ground that the prosecution could not establish the exact injury responsible for the death.
The greater Salema area has witnessed many gruesome murders in the past. This is despite the presence of the scores of peace loving people, fertile land, some picturesque hills and the beautifully flowing river Dhalai. The other day one of my senior officers told me the epistemology of Salema. It has arrived from Chelema-cherra. Chelema is a type of hyacinths in colloquial Halam languge which grow in abundance on the bank of a rivulet, originated from the Longtorai range and finally merged with the Dhalai at Salema. The hyacinth Chelema is a favourite recipe of tribal people initially and now, it has become a popular vegetable to local non-tribal as well. So, the rivulet is known as Chelema cherra and over a period of time the place had earned the name Salema via of course, Chelema.

India we have a place Salem in Tamilnadu. Salem is the birthplace of Tamil poetess Avvaiyar. Salem has also hilly region and surrounded by a Chera . But, I am surprised to find a place, named as Salema in Portugal. This, Salema is a very small and secluded fishing village about halfway between Lagos and Sagres. 

I have found an interesting analogy between the two Salemas. The hyacinth or Eichhornia Crassipes is actually a native of Amazon basin. Thus, it has come all the way from
South America. Interestingly, in Greek mythology, Haycinth was a beautiful youth loved by both the god Apollo and the West Wind, Zephyr. Apollo and Hyacinth took turns at throwing the discus. Hyacinth ran to catch it to impress Apollo, but he was struck by the discus as it fell to the ground, and died A twist in the tale makes the wind god Zephyrus responsible for the death of Hyacinth. The youth's beauty caused a feud between Zephyrus and Apollo. Jealous that Hyacinth preferred the radiant archery god Apollo, Zephyrus blew Apollo's discus off course, so as to injure and kill Hyacinth. Apollo did not allow Hades to claim Hyacinth. Instead, Apollo made a flower, the hyacinth, from Hyacinth's spilled blood. In Homer's Odyssey, Athena gives Odysseus "thick locks, akin to the hyacinth flower" in order to win his way into the city of the Phaeacians.
Perhaps, this is the epistemology of crime and beauty associated with Salema.

Friday, 18 April 2014


On the eve of Bengali New Year’s day this year I had three visitors in my office from a local corporate house. Of the trio, two were Marketing Managers of the firm, one out-going on transfer and the other his reliever. They were in their fifties and from out-side our State. The other gentleman was a local man, an aged person. He is a retired Revenue Inspector, presently somehow associated with the firm. He belongs to Manipuri community. They gifted me an audio cassette containing selected collection of eight devotional Tagore songs.
It was a courtesy call. As we sat down for exchange of a few customary words over a glass of soft drink, one contrasting aspect came into my notice. The two younger guests, especially the new incumbent had put on a number of rings studded with stones in their fingers while their senior colleague did not possess a single one. I don’t know if such rings constitute anything in developing the personality of a person, but instantly, the thought came to my mind that despite their rich educational background, the confidence level of two young scions would be less than their aged colleague. Both the Managers are B. Pharma. Besides, the out-going gentleman has completed his MBA from IGNOU way back. Without giving any hints of my feelings, I preferred to put a pet question which I don’t miss in such circumstances, ‘Have you ever come across any ghostly situation in your life?’
The new-comer nodded negatively, but the person to be relieved grinned and said, ‘Sir, have you ever been to the bordering areas of UP and Bihar?’
-         Once, I had traveled from Varanasi to Mugalsarai by road.
-         No, I am telling about Twiray Tola village of Ballia District in UP. It was late eighties. I was then a Medical Representative working in Ballia. It was winter and in those areas the winter drops very fast in the countryside. That afternoon, I was returning in a scooter to my place of stay. All on a sudden, my bike stopped near Twiray Tola village. I had still ten kilometers path to travel. I took my scooter to a local mechanic. But, in spite of all our efforts, the scooter didn’t start. In those days, there was hardly any means of public transport. Fortunately for me I got a cycle-rickshaw and the aged rickshaw-puller agreed to take me to my rented accommodation. So, leaving my bike at the work-shop I left the spot in rickshaw. The roads were vacant and there was no threat of dacoits, I tried to enjoy the every moment of impending winter evening. There was hardly any valuable with me except my folio-bag containing sample medicines. After covering a distance of two-three kilometers from Twiray Tola village, we met an aged person clad in Dehati dress with his face covered in a white cloth. The person spoke something in local language with the rickshaw-puller. The latter, in turn asked me if I would mind if the gentleman shared the rickshaw to a nearby village. I nodded affirmatively and so he sat down by my side quietly. There was not a single word or feeling of breathe from my co-passenger which led me to some eerie feelings. I brought out my lighter and cigarette for a puff. Just, as I turned back and thought to offer him a cigarette, he vanished. I asked the rickshaw-puller where the person had gone. The rickshaw-puller expressed his complete ignorance about picking up of such passenger, in the mid-way. Subsequently, I came to know that the place where the mysterious person availed the ride is a graveyard.
Pin-drop silence prevailed in the room as he finished his story and looked towards me in a bewildering face.
‘Do you suspect the rickshaw-puller as ghost, as well?’ I broke the silence.
-         No, he was a man of flesh and blood. I had seen him after that as well.
‘Now, it’s not possible to explain the event. Such issues should be resolved at the nub itself. Only then you will get confidence in life’, this time, it’s the elderly man to react. Then he continued, ‘I was quite young when I joined government service as Tehsildar in mid sixties at a remote village in South Tripura district. My initial salary was sixty-five bucks which was quite lucrative considering my poor family background. It was my first visit outside my native place at Agartala. The villagers greeted me as if I were born at their place. In fact, they arranged a small thatched hut for my stay till I got a suitable rented accommodation. Half the portion of the room and kitchen was filled up with sawn timber while the rest was furnished with a big wooden cot and its bedding. Leaving the keys of the room with a local villager, the house owner stayed at Agartala for his business. Occasionally he paid visit to his native place. I was alone staying in the room with no other huts in the vicinity. It was after mid-night on the first day of my stay, I woke up seeing a mysterious light coming from the roof. The light vanished at the approach of dawn. There was no electricity in the village those days. I was very cautious from the very beginning. The uncanny light became visible before midnight. I put on a kerosene lamp to which it disappeared. I spent a sleepless night.
          From next day, I decided to stay at my office with our night-guard though it was not so suitable. The villagers started murmuring, ‘So the hearsay is true that it is a haunted house. The room has some unholy soul. Earlier, there was a mango tree at this place which was removed following a suicidal hanging from it.’
          After about a week, the house-owner came back to the village. He was very happy knowing that I stayed in the house for two days. He offered me to stay in the house free of cost and thereby guard his timbers. Whenever he visited the place, he would co-share with me. I did not give him word at first but decided to spend a few nights with him. He was sleeping undisturbed by my side but I woke up after midnight seeing the mysterious light from the roof. At my nudge, he woke up and when I complaint about the mysterious light from the roof ,he focused his three-cell torch light upon the roof. Instantly, it disappeared. He went to sleep again. But, I was waiting for the mysterious light to re-surface. When it glowed again, I raised my comrade and asked him not to focus his torch. Seeing the strange light from the roof he said, ‘Sir, you are coming from town. You don’t know about timbers. Some timbers emit fluorescent lights in pitch darkness.’
          Saying that he showed me the wood packed up close to the roof which was the source of mysterious light.
          I continued to stay in that hut for more than two years. Only once, I had encountered an eerie situation. As a Tehsildar, I used to visit the interior villages for collection of tax revenue. For this purpose, I visited a tribal house twice but every time I found him absent. On the third evening as well he was absent. Just when I was to leave the house and return to my place of stay following a short route, one of the house inmates advised me to follow the longer route for the shorter route passes through a graveyard and there was reputation of moving around of unholy spirits in the area. I didn’t witness anything uncanny during my two previous visits, yet I decided to follow the longer route.
          I came back to my hut and unlocked the door. Just as I was about to light a kerosene lamp I felt the touch of some cold fingers on my back. I became dumb-still as the fingers move around my shoulder. However, by that time I gained some courage and lighted the lamp. The finger touch came up to my belly. Under the light, I discovered that a lizard had accidentally come inside my wet clothing and it was moving all around my torso to get free and giving me the uncanny feeling.’
          Everyone inside the room was impressed with the story. The new Manager then requested me to throw some light as the attendant came to pick up the empty glasses of soft drinks. Taking a cue from the soft drink, I said, ‘I can share a joke on soft drink.’
          My guests agreed, as I continued, ‘It was during our college days in early eighties we were availing Bombay Mail from Howrah in course of excursion. Those days, Seven Up soft-drink was very popular. People used to claim that after consuming the drink one would give seven hiccups. It had so happened, one of our friends experienced five hiccups and two releases of gas. So, our friend said that in stead of Seven Up, the soft drink should be better named as Five Up, Two Down.

          Life is like a Railway journey. In today’s ambience I would say two mysteries had been solved while one remained unsolved. It’s One Up Two Down for me.’

Tuesday, 15 April 2014



     pc¡¢nh j¡j¡l je Cc¡e£w i¡m k¡­µR e¡z j¡j¡l je M¡l¡­fl L¡lZ f¢rO¢Va z L¡¢m-­g¡¢eÑu¡l pj¤âa­V q¡S¡l q¡S¡l f¡¢M j¡l¡ k¡­µR z f¡¢M…¢m Es­a Es­a ­hj¡m¤j BL¡n ­b­L T­l fs­R z ­Øf­el pj¤âa­VJ Ae¤l©f AhÙÛ¡ mrÉ Ll¡ ­N­R z f¢l­hn ¢h‘¡e£l¡ ¢Q¢¿¹a z fœ-f¢œL¡, ­V¢m¢in­e H'¢e­u B­m¡Qe¡ Qm­R z fË¡b¢jL L¡lZ ¢qp¡­h h¡¢S ­f¡s¡­e¡l OVe¡­L E­õM Ll¡ q­µRz hs¢c­el pju Hhw ehh­oÑl fË¡‚¡­m ¢h­c­n fËQ¥l h¡¢S ­f¡s¡­e¡ quz A­e­L Bh¡l Hl ­fR­e AeÉ L¡lZ My¤­S ­f­u­Rez A­e­Ll d¡le¡  k¤š²l¡øÊ ­L¡e e§ae dl­el j¡lZ¡­Ù»l fl£r¡ O¢V­u­Rz k¡l g­m f¡¢M­cl f¡n¡f¡¢n p¡j¤¢âL fË¡Z£­clJ jªa¥É OV­Rz a­h HLV¡ ¢hou f¢lú¡l, f¡¢M­cl HC jªa¥É ¢j¢R­ml ­fR­e f¢l­hn c§oZ c¡u£z

     j¡j¡l i¡­m¡ e¡j pc¡¢nh dl  z AhplfË¡ç AdÉ¡fL z L­m­S fc¡bÑ-¢hcÉ¡ fs¡­ae z fËL«¢a ­fË¢jL z f¡¢M­cl fË¢a hs j¡j¡l i¡­m¡m¡N¡l öl¦ hRl c­nL B­Nz A¢em c¡p ¢R­me j¡j¡l pqLjÑ£ z HL¢ce A¢emh¡h¤ f¡¢M­cl N¡­ul lP ¢e­u j¡j¡­L HL¢V jS¡l NÒf ö¢e­u¢R­me z NÒf¢V e­lnQ¾cÊ S¡e¡l ­mM¡ ¢nö-p¡¢qaÉ pwp­cl HL¢V hC­u fËL¡n ­f­u¢Rmz A­eL, A­eLL¡m B­Nl Lb¡ z aMe fª¢bh£­a öd¤ X¡P¡ Bl Sm z S­m ­eC j¡R, X¡P¡u ­eC S£h, BL¡­n ­eC f¡M£z S£h­el p¡s¡ ­eCz fª¢bh£ h¡¢e­u  HLm¡¢V h­p b¡­Le iNh¡e z ­L¡eJ L¡SLÇj ­eC z öd¤ h­p ­b­L ­b­L q¡­a f¡­u ¢Tj dl¡l ­k¡N¡s z N¡Rf¡m¡, föf¡¢M - Hph pª¢øl L¡­S ¢a¢e HL¢ce q¡a m¡N¡­me z

     iNh¡­el pª¢øl ­Mu¡­m fª¢bh£l h¤­L LalL­jl N¡R NS¡mz e¡e¡ ­Qq¡l¡l S¿¹¥-S¡­e¡u¡l SeÈ¡mz f­l iNh¡e h¡e¡­me ­hn ¢LR¤ X¡e¡-Ju¡m¡ f¡¢M z ­R¡V-hs, pl¦-­j¡V¡ q­lL dl­el f¡¢Mz ph f¡¢MlC N¡­ul lP ¢L¿¹¥ p¡c¡ z H­a f¡¢M­cl ­ial ­cM¡ ¢cm jq¡ N™­N¡mz pq­S HL f¡¢M­L B­lL f¡¢M ­b­L Bm¡c¡ L­l ­Qe¡ k¡u e¡z H ­b­L ­lq¡C ­f­a HL¢ce ph f¡¢M ¢j­m pi¡u hpm z pi¡u ¢WL qm cm ­hy­d a¡l¡ iNh¡­el L¡­R k¡­hz a¡­cl Ap¤¢h­dl Lb¡ ay¡­L S¡e¡­hz
     ­kC i¡h¡ qm, Aj¢e f¡¢Ml¡ lJe¡ ¢cm ü­NÑ z p­åÉ qu qu, BL¡­n a¡l¡ g¥¢V g¥¢V L­l, Hje pju f¡¢Ml¡ ü­NÑ ­f±­R ¢L¢Ql¢j¢Ql öl¦ L­l ¢cmz iNh¡­el L¡e T¡m¡f¡m¡z ­c±­s H­me ¢a¢ez

     iNh¡e­L ­c­M ph f¡¢M Q¥fz iNh¡e ­l­N­j­N hm­me -""L£ hÉ¡f¡l ? ­a¡jl¡ ph cm ­hy­d ü­NÑ  ­k ? Aa qC-qõ¡C h¡ L£­pl ?''

     f¡¢Ml¡ H Jl j¤M Q¡Ju¡Q¡J¢u L­l, ­LE ¢LR¤ h­m e¡ z aMe p¡qp L­l ju§l H¢N­u ¢N­u hmm, ""iNh¡e, Bj¡­cl ph¡lC N¡­ul lP p¡c¡ z H­a ¢e­S­cl Bm¡c¡i¡­h ¢Q­e ¢e­a M¥h i¥m quz q­lLlLj l­P Bj¡­cl l¡¢P­u ¢c­m i¥m q­h e¡ LMeJz''

     ju§­ll Lb¡ ö­e iNh¡e HLV¥Me Q¥f L­l ­b­L hm­me, ""­hn, a¡C q­hz L¡m ­i¡­l ph¡C H­p¡z B¢j lP ¢e­u h­p b¡Lhz ­k ph¡l B­N Bp­h, ­p ­h¢n lP f¡­hz''

     iNh¡­el Lb¡u M¤¢n q­u f¡¢Ml¡ ¢g­l Hm fª¢bh£­az fl¢ce ­i¡l q­a e¡ q­aC X¡e¡ T¡Vf¢V­u ph¡l B­N ju§l E­s Hm ü­NÑ z i¡Nh¡e l­Pl f¡œ ¢e­u h­p B­Rez qm¤c, e£m, ph¤S, h¡c¡¢j, ­N¡m¡¢f, m¡m, L¡­m¡ - e¡e¡ l­P il¡ f¡œz ph¡l fËb­j Hm ju§l z­p H­p p¡j­e c¡s¡­aC H­L H­L ph l­Pl f¡­œ a¥¢m X¥¢h­u  h¤¢m­u ¢c­me a¡l h¤­L, ¢f­W Nm¡u, j¡b¡uz BL¡­nl p¡alP¡ l¡jde¤l h¡q¡l g¥­V EWm ju§­ll p¡l¡ N¡uz Bl  aMeC ju§l q­u ­Nm f¡¢M­cl ­ial ph¡l Q¡C­a p¤¾clz

     L¡L Bl ­L¡¢L­ml ­r­œ O­V¢Rm ¢h¢Qœ L¡™z Jl¡ c¤Se ¢Rm O¢eø hå¥z iNh¡e f¡¢M­cl N¡­u ­i¡l­hm¡ lP ­c­he, HC Lb¡u jq¡M¤¢n q­u c¤C-hå¥ ¢g­l Hm fª¢bh£­az ¢g­l H­p L¡L pV¡e ö­u fsm h¡p¡­az a¡lfl O¤¢j­u fsm A­O¡­lz ¢L¿¹¥ Bl f¡¢M­cl ­Q¡­M O¤j ­eCz öd¤ i¡h­R LMe ­i¡l q­h Bl E­s k¡­h ü­NÑz l¡a ¢N­u ­i¡l qmz ph f¡¢M X¡e¡ ­jmmz E­s Qmm ü­NÑl E­Ÿ­nÉz

     ­i¡l­hm¡­a L¡L-­L¡¢Lm c¤C h奭a ¢j­m HLp¡­b ü­NÑ k¡h¡l Lb¡z p§kÑ E­W ­N­­R BL¡­n, ah¤ ­cM¡ ­eC L¡­Llz jq¡ i¡he¡ qm ­L¡¢L­ml z ­c¢l q­m lP k¢c g¥¢l­u k¡u, a¡C a¡s¡a¡¢s L¡­Ll h¡p¡u Hm ­pz
     H­p ­c­M, L¡L O¤­j¡­µR ­hyýn q­uz aMe ­L¡¢Lm Bl L£ L­l ? ­Wm¡ ­j­l ­p L¡L­L S¡N¡mz
     ­Q¡M LQm¡­a LQm¡­a L¡L hmm, ""L£ hÉ¡f¡l ? a¥¢j Ha ­i¡­l ­k!''
     ­L¡¢Lm hmm, ""h¡­l, BS ­k ü­NÑ k¡h¡l Lb¡z iNh¡e lP ­c­he ­k Bj¡­cl '' z
     ""a¡C ­a¡ ­q, HLcj i¥­m ­N¢Rz Q­m¡, Q­m¡ Bl ­c¢l eu'' - h­mC L¡L BL¡­n X¡e¡ ­jmmz ­L¡¢Lm­L p­‰ ¢e­u HLV¡e¡ E­s Hm ü­NÑz c¡s¡m iNh¡­el p¡j­ez
     iNh¡e a¡­cl ­c­M hm­me, ""L£ ­q, ­a¡jl¡ c¤¢V­a Hare ¢R­m ­L¡b¡u ?  ph lP ­k g¥¢l­u  ­N­Rz''
      a¡C ö­e L¡L ­L¡¢L­ml j¤M HLcj L¡y­c¡ L¡y­c¡z a¡­cl AhÙÛ¡ ­c­M iNh¡e hm­me, ""L¡­m¡ lP HMeJ ¢LR¤V¡ B­Rz Q¡J ­a¡, a¡C ¢c­a f¡¢lz''
     L¡­m¡ q­mJ lP ­a¡ h­Vz H­Lh¡­l ¢LR¤ e¡ ­S¡V¡l ­b­L ­Yl i¡­m¡z L¡L ­L¡¢Lm L¡­m¡ lP ¢e­a l¡¢S q­u ­Nm aM¤¢ez iNh¡e aMe L¡L ­L¡¢L­ml p¡l¡ N¡­u h¤¢m­u ¢c­me L¡­m¡ lPz Bl ­p¢ce ­b­LC L¡L J ­L¡¢Lm q­u ­Nm L¡­m¡z

     A¢emj¡j¤l NÒf ö­e f¡¢M­cl fË¢a hsj¡j¡l pqj¢jÑa¡l Ecu qmz ¢h­noax ­L¡¢L­ml fË¢az A­eL¢ce B­N j¡j¡ a¡l ­R¡VL¡L¡l j¤­M HL¢V NÒf ö­e¢R­me zj¡j¡ NÒf¢V A¢em j¡j¤­L h­me ¢e z NÒf¢V B¢j S¡¢e z Bj¡­cl h¡¢s­a hs­cl j¤­M A­eLh¡l ö­e¢R z pª¢øl fËbj¢c­L f¡¢M­cl ­kje f¡m­Ll lP ¢Rm e¡, j¡e¤­olJ ­aj¢e e¡j h¡ fch£ ¢Rm e¡z h‰­c­n fc¢h fËb¡l öl¦ qu l¡S¡ hõ¡m ­p­el pj­uz iNh¡e ­kje f¡¢M­cl p¡c¡-f¡m­Ll LÉ¡ei¡­p e¡e¡e l­Pl a¥¢m h¤¢m­u¢R­me, ¢WL ­aj¢e hõ¡m ­pe HL¢V ¢e¢cÑø ¢c­e fË¡S¡­cl fc¢h h¾Ve L­l¢R­mez ­p¢ce ph¡C ¢is S¢j­u¢Rm l¡S fË¡p¡­c z fc¢h pwNË­ql SeÉz Bj¡­cl f§hÑ-f¤l¦o , f¢lh¡­ll LaÑ¡J ¢N­u¢R­mez

     pL¡­mC ¢N­u¢R­me zAü¡i¡¢hL ¢is aMe zHL hå¥l fl¡j­nÑ  l¡S-clh¡l ­b­L ­h¢l­u H­me zi¡h­me ¢LR¤ f­l k¡­hezc¤S­e HL S¡uN¡u c¡h¡ ­Mm¡u jš q­u fs­mez kMe ­Mm¡ ­no q­m¡, aMe A­eL ­hm¡ q­u­R z a¡s¡a¡¢s l¡SfË¡p¡­c q¡¢Sl q­me c¤S­ez l¡Sclh¡l aMe gy¡L¡ z fc¢h ¢hale ­no q­u ­N­R z l¡S¡ hõ¡m ­pe, ay¡l j¿»£l¡ Hhw f¡¢lo­cl¡ M¡a¡fœ …¢V­u EWh¡l E­cÉ¡N Ll­Rez c¡h¡l¦­cl ­c­M l¡S¡ ay¡l …l¦Nñ£l Nm¡u qy¡L f¡s­me, ""­a¡l¡ ­L ­l? ­a¡l¡ HarZ ­L¡b¡u ¢R¢m ?''

     cnÑe¡bÑ£ c¤Se Ly¡Q¥ jy¡Q¥ q­u hm­me, "djÑ¡ha¡l ! Bjl¡ fc¢h ¢e­a H­p¢Rm¡jz Bjl¡ HarZ c¡h¡ ­Mm¢Rm¡jza¡C HLV¥ ­c¢l q­u ­N­R z''
     c¡h¡-­Mm¡l Lb¡ ö­e l¡S¡ M¤h l¦ø q­mez f¡n¡-­Mm¡u nL¥¢el L¡­R ­q­l l¡S¡ k¤¢d¢ùl l¡SÉ q¡l¡­e¡l fl ­b­L i¡lah­oÑ "a¡p-c¡h¡-f¡n¡' HC ¢ae ­Mm¡­L phÑe¡n¡ i¡h¡ qa z üi¡haxC l¡S¡ pi¡pc­cl ­X­L hm­me, "" ­L B¢Rp, J­cl dl­a¡, dlz''
     c¡h¡l¦­cl h¤¢Ü phpjuC Ve-Ve¡Ve z l¡S¡ hõ¡m ­p­el j¤­M HC h¡Z£ ­n¡­e Evg¥õ ¢Q­š l¡Sclh¡l ­b­L Jl¡ ­c±s öl¦ Ll­me, ""­f­u ­N¢R! ­f­u ­N¢R! Bj¡­cl fch£ "dl' !''
     ­pC c¡h¡l¦­cl hwndl B¢j z


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f¡e­L±¢s-f¡e­L±¢sl ¢q¾c£ e¡j f¡e ­L±u¡ zCw­lS£ e¡j ¢mVm LjÑ­l¡Vz S­ml f¡¢M zi¡m Es­aJ f¡­l zY¥h p¡a¡­l f¡lcnÑ£ z­cM­a L¡­m¡ zL¡­m¡ Q¥­ml nÉ¡jm¡ NË¡jÉ hd§l p¡­bC f¡e­L±¢sl a¨me¡ qu z

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